A list of my short-form writing, in some type of order, that’s been published in print and online form (a few links are to pdf files of the pieces):

“‘Installation Piece,'” essay, forthcoming in The Cincinnati Review
“Before It All Came Tumbling Down,” essay, forthcoming in Shenandoah
“The Time Before the Last Time You Disappeared,” essay, in Puerto del Sol
“The Lyric Essay As A Mode of Resistance,” craft essay, in Bending Genre, 2nd Edition
“Of A Confession, Sketched From Ten Vignettes,” essay, in A Harp in the Stars: An Anthology of Lyric Essays
“Portrait Of An American Male¹,” found text essay, (listed as a notable essay in Pushcart Prize 2019 and was selected by Hanif Abdurraqib for the 2019 Best of the Net in nonfiction) in TriQuarterly 
“Bit,” story, in New Ohio Review (also was a finalist for Conium Review’s Flash Fiction Contest)
“Middling,” story, in Pleiades (feature issue by African-American women writers)
“We Were Never Free,” essay, in The Arkansas International (uploaded pdf, click on link)
“The Tiny Man Inside Me,” story, in West Branch
“Jashanna,” story, in The Florida Review
“Blackheart,” story, in Rockhurst Review
“Admission,” essay, in The Los Angeles Review (online link)
“A Plumb, Falling,” essay, in The Adroit Journal (online link)
“And For By Grace,” essay, in Indiana Review
“Points of Interest,” essay, in Passages North 
“After Water Comes the Fire,” listed as a notable essay in Best American Essays 2017, in Bennington Review and an interview with editorial assistant Sydney Bradley discussing my essay
“As For Me and My House,” essay, in Carve Magazine (and a Q&A with Carve’s nonfiction editor Cameron Maynard)
“Before You Throw Her Body Down,” essay, winner of the Disquiet Literary Prize, in Ninth Letter (online link)
“In the Name of the Fathers,” essay, in Fugue (uploaded pdf, click on link)
“Muscle Memory Of A Body That Is Not Her Body,” story, in Black Warrior Review (uploaded pdf, click on link)
“We Are All Already Gone,” story, in New South
“The Howler,” in Permafrost and featured in Ploughshares “The Best Short Story By A Lit Mag This Week” Series
“The Balloonist Dreams of Flight,” story, in Booth (both online and in Booth 8) (online link)
“The Mythology of the Axolotl,” story, in Dogwood: A Journal of Poetry and Prose
“Wonder Wonderland,” story, in Microchondria II: 42 More Short Stories Collected by Harvard Book Store
“Violin Dreams,” listed as a notable essay in Best American Essays 2015, in Grist: The Journal for Writers
“Believers,” story, winner of the Walker Percy Prize, in New Orleans Review
“The Burning City,” story, in Digital Americana
“On the Terra Roxa Earth We Saw Stars,” story, in Nimrod International Journal
“Tell Me,” story, in Yemasse
“Flash to Bang,” story, in War, Literature, and the Arts (online link)
“Leaving Bujumbura,” story, in Fourteen Hills
“To Build A House,” story, in Gigantic Sequins
“In the Valley of the Kings,” story, in Potomac Review
“Coyotes,” story, in North American Review
“Unclean,” story, in elimae
“Here If You Love Me,” essay,  in Cobalt Review
“How to Date A White Boy,” story, in JMWW
“Tender Deaths,” story, in Wigleaf
“Dear Wigleaf,” story, in Wigleaf
“Where You’ve Been,” story, in Monkeybicycle
“The Women of My Father,” story, in Blue Print Review
“Disappeared,” story, in The Summerset Review


“Once,” story in The 2007 Robert Olen Butler Prize Stories
“How to Cheat On Your Wife,” story, in Brevity and Echo: An Anthology of Short Short Stories
“The Women of My Father,” story, in Best of the Web 2008

Once upon a time there were others, but sadly they have been subjected to the ephemeral nature of the internet and are now gone.

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