About Me:

I received my MFA from Emerson College, my PhD from the University of Missouri, and am the current Robert P. Dana Emerging Writer Fellow at Cornell College. While at the University of Missouri I wrote two dissertations: When the Evening Comes, a novel, and And It Begins Like This, an essay collection. The essay collection is now forthcoming from Black Lawrence Press in October of 2018.

I write both fiction and nonfiction, although essays at the moment, including: an essay about visiting the Whitney and Oak Alley Plantations in Louisiana  that was published in Carve Magazine, a footnotes essay about racism and race relations in Missouri published in Passages North (and was 1st runner up in Sonora Review’s contest), an essay about water and baptism that’s in Bennington Review and was noted in Best American Essays (here’s an interview about the essay), an essay about the difficulties of doing African-American genealogy research published in Fugue, an essay about the history of ingrained racial stereotypes pertaining to African-American women that won the Disquiet Literary Prize and was published in Ninth Letter, and an essay about my brown recluse spider infestation that was published in Grist and also noted in Best American Essays.

For fiction, stories include (among others): a woman who swallows a tiny man who begins to wreak havoc inside her body that’s forthcoming in West Branch, a story about a black woman who gives birth to a white baby forthcoming in The Florida Review, a woman who loses control of her limbs published in Black Warrior Review, a story about a woman who travels to Bujumbura in search of her lover published in Fourteen Hills, a story about a sinkhole growing in a family’s backyard published in New Orleans Review (which won the Walker Percy Prize in Fiction), a story about child abductions in Rio de Janeiro published in Nimrod, a story inspired by the Atlanta child murders published in New South, a fictionalized story loosely based on the time nineteen immigrants died in a refrigerator truck published in  North American Review,  and a story about a child who dreams of becoming a balloonist for Booth. You can find links to selected ones under my “publications” if you’re curious.

I’m the Creative Nonfiction Editor for Gigantic Sequins. Send them something.

I also sometimes teach a nonfiction course with the Creative Nonfiction Foundation.

In the past I was both Audio Editor and the Anthology Editor for The Missouri Review. As Anthology Editor, I worked on creating content for TextBox, an online website that includes materials for those interested in teaching using The Missouri Review archives. If you teach, it’s worth checking out.

If you read the TMR blog, you may remember a few of my posts for The Missouri Review:

“A Little Ode to the Little Magazines and Their Very Big Work”
“A Handy Dandy Guide to Applying to PhD Programs”
“Font and You: The Style-Memoir”
“Writing Against Expectations: An Open Letter”
“Advice for the (Writing) Road”

I also did two podcasts interviews with Scott Garson of Wigleaf and Colson Whitehead for TMR’s Soundbooth.

I think the most popular thing I’ve ever done though is this Goodreads review of James Franco’s Palo Alto.

I’m also on Twitter.

If you need to contact me you can send a note to: LaTanya.McQueen [@] gmail [dot] com.

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