Supplementary Materials

All of the titles in And It Begins Like This allude to different Bible verses. I’ve listed them below. The verses in some way relate thematically to each section but how they connect is for you to interpret:

“In the Name of the Fathers” comes from Matthew 28:19 but also Numbers 14:18
“Before You Throw Her Body Down” comes from 2 Kings 9:30-34
“After Water Comes the Fire” comes from Matthew 3:11
“Lest We Forget” comes from Deuteronomy 8:11-18
“If My Heart Should Confess” comes from Romans 10:10
“As For Me And My House” comes from Joshua 24:15
“And For By Grace” comes from Ephesians 2:8-9
“Glory Be Her Name” comes from Psalm 66:2
“The Inheritors” comes from Matthew 5:3-5
“A Plumb, Falling” comes from Amos 7:7-8 but also Jeremiah 31:38-40