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Review: Seduced By Fantasy and Bewitched by Isla Fisher

There is a scene in Confessions of a Shopaholic where Isla Fisher’s character has to defrost the credit card to pay for some emergency shopping purchase. I don’t remember much about the plot of the movie, mainly just that one scene—the frantic desperation of needing money, particularly to remedy one’s poor life choices (or exasperate them), and that overwhelming sense of fear and urgency. Talk about comedy gold!

I was thinking about this scene and feeling all those feelings when I maxed out my own credit card earlier this year to go MLA for a job I didn’t end up getting (we should probably talk about the absurdity of this, of being asked to pay hundreds of dollars to travel cross country for just the idea of maybe having a job, and how classist it inherently is, but this is a celebrity reviews blog! I am getting carried away here). Anyway, that’s why I’ve been away but I am back on track with these reviews and in my rabbit hole of reading about Isla Fisher I learned that once upon a time she was a writer.

The first one is called Seduced by Fantasy and while I haven’t read it (because of course I haven’t), I feel like I can get an overall sense of the plot from looking at it. The cover and title alone are reminiscent of every rom-com I’ve ever seen—country/suburban girl decides to fulfill her impossible arts/writing/film/publishing dream and move to the big city (I feel like this was also the Girls premise? Who knows, haven’t watched that either). Girl meets guy who may/may not be terrible, or girl meets two guys with one of them possibly being terrible. There’s a fancy loft apartment involved that no regular person in real life could ever afford. The girl is beautiful but probably wears glasses (therefore making her an uggo) and so on. You get the picture. That is this book. Probably.

Seduced By Fantasy sounds kind of ominous but #realtalk I, too, would like to be seduced by fantasy. Although, not this one. Stick the cast of Magic Mike on this cover and maybe we will talk.

I have so many questions about this cover though! Is Jude Silver the lady facing the camera? Or the one sitting in the lap of Mr. Denim over there? I don’t know, seems to be that lap-sitting woman is living the fantasy. Other questions: are they on set? Or is this a home movie in the making? Both? Also, this position looks uncomfortable. Also, why are his jeans still on? I am thinking about jean rug-burn and getting anxious.

Isla Fisher wrote not one but two (two!) novels. The other one is called Bewitched which had me very excited at first as I envisioned some sort of fan fiction from the television show Bewitched (that hopefully included Darren Number #1, the best Darren imo, as opposed to Darren #2). However, Fisher’s Bewitched is not fan fiction (so disappointing) but about a dancer who goes to Russia to find her father and becomes “bewitched” by another dancer.

There are no Amazon reviews for either of these books which I think is a travesty. I would rate them five stars for their covers alone.

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