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Review: South by Southeast: A Tennyson Hardwick Novel by Blair Underwood

I have read Blair Underwood’s South by Southeast: A Tennyson Hardwick Novel, or part of it, once, a long time ago for reasons unknown. It is actually the fourth in a series. Had I realized this at the time I would have perhaps read the others first, but I saw this one in the bookstore and now here we are.

I did not know Blair Underwood wrote novels but I guess this is what he’s been doing instead of being in films, which is a shame because he is very good-looking. Have you seen Blair Underwood? Jesus.

Come to think of it, the only movie I can remember Blair Underwood being in was Set It Off, which was what, ten years ago? Twenty? Queen Latifah was very good in that film, perhaps the best part. If you haven’t seen the film and decide to watch it just cut to all the parts with Queen Latifah. Gosh, why isn’t Queen Latifah writing books? I would read all of those (actually, she has, it turns out! I will read maybe not read those next).

Anyway, back to Blair Underwood. He was very good-looking in that film, so good-looking that I remember thinking—why is Jada Pinkett’s character not running off into the sunset with this guy? He’s a banker too! If I was her I would have said sayonara to my friends with their faulty bank robbing plan that everyone knew was going to fail anyways and gone with the good-looking banker. There’s also Pinkett’s questionable hair choice at the end of the film, but we won’t get into that.

What I enjoy about South by Southeast is that Blair Underwood is on the cover of the novel. In fact, he is on the cover of all the novels, thereby blending fact and fiction. Am I looking at the character in the book or am I looking at the actor Blair Underwood? Or both??? Mystery.

I think Blair Underwood chose this idea for his covers because he too realized his good-looking-ness. Or maybe he was afraid people would think there was another Blair Underwood writing black-noirish novels with his name. Maybe Zane coopted his appearance for another series of novels, for instance. I mean, you never know. So just in case he wanted to make sure people knew that it was him and him alone writing these novels. Or him and a ghost writer and both of them alone. Same thing.

My one criticism of South by Southeast is that Blair Underwood is wearing a Panama hat in his picture. I don’t know about you but I can’t take anyone seriously wearing a Panama hat. Who looks cool in a Panama hat? I think maybe that one old guy in Ocean’s Eleven but that’s about it.

Blair’s author photo though on the back of the book—mmmmmmm.

*Note: This post was inspired by my review of James Franco’s Palo Alto that’s on Goodreads. Because of its popularity I decided I’d like to write more book reviews, but then I’d have to read more celebrity books, and there’s only so much time. These book reviews are my compromise.

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